[lbo-talk] first Reagan, now Sarkozy

Eric rayrena at realtime.net
Thu Jan 31 10:47:14 PST 2008


Obama would hold Muslim summit: interview

PARIS (AFP) - US presidential hopeful Barack Obama has told a French magazine he wants to organise a summit of the Muslim world if he makes it to the White House.


The senator who wants to become the first black US president praised French President Nicolas Sarkozy and said he would come to Paris to meet him if he wins the Democratic nomination.

"He is a man of enormous energy and enormous talent," said Obama of Sarkozy.

"I was impressed with his willingness to look at the issues that France faces in a new ways, not bound by tradition and dogmas.

"That is an important thing for any leader -- to be able to look at problems in a fresh way," he said.

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