[lbo-talk] Subprime Pritzker pure gold for Obama

Wojtek Sokolowski swsokolowski at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 18 06:39:15 PDT 2008

--- Dwayne Monroe <dwayne.monroe at gmail.com> wrote:

> This is very dismissive of the arguments black
> activists such as Glen
> Ford have put forward re: Sen. Obama.
> You're accusing these people of pettiness and a kind
> of professional
> jealously instead of taking their concerns at face
> value. Those

[WS:] You are missing my point, Dwayne. I am making a structural argument, namely that ceratin types of situations (i.e. competition in small niches) evoke certain types of interaction regardless of personalities of the players. That is why I did not stop at criticim of Senator Obama and made a reference to left politics in general - it is an interaction of big fish (actual or sef-styled) squeezed in a small pond. Anyone (even Karl Marx himself:) in a similar situation would react in a smilar way - not because one is petty or jealous, but because it is a rational course of action under the circumstances.

So I think it is actually rather helpful - because it provides a structural explanation instead of one that depends on personalities of the actors.


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