[lbo-talk] Racehl Maddow on conservative "tea bagging" protests

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Fri Apr 10 09:20:14 PDT 2009

At 07:19 AM 4/10/2009, B. wrote:

>Yah, tea bagging, as in slang for dipping a scrotum into one's partner's
>Maddow's take:

it's also used among jocks to describe a type of hazing that goes on during your first away game where you have to spend the night. once the newbie falls asleep, she (it happens among women, too) gets teabagged: one or several people scurry over to sleeping newb, squat over her head in order to slap their sack against the guy's forehead, leap up and run away laughing like hyenas along with the audience who've gathered to observe the good times. (girls maybe rub themselves on the sleeping girl)

also known as russian goggles: http://digg.com/d1Knrs

also done to people who are passed out at parties and at conference where there is heavy partying in public areas.

shag (always doing my best to jack up the rate of interesting search leading to the archives)

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