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Wed Mar 4 16:43:25 PST 2009

At 07:05 PM 3/4/2009, Jordan Hayes wrote:
>>expound on the virtuosness of cloud computing ...
>The only thing that's kind of cool about it from that angle is that it's
>basically a resource that's "in" the Interwebs; so anyone "can" use it
>without, for instance, having to go buy hardware and software and stick it
>some place and get some network connectivity. But: it's typically not
>free, and it's typically owned by someone big -- Google and Amazon are
>two. Who knows what happens to your data when you store it there?
>I don't see it as particularly "democratizing" ... it's more eqivalent to
>really cheap web hosting: you can put it up this afternoon, but you don't
>really have full control over it ...
>But maybe people think that it's Just One Less Barrier to entry?
>Ok. Whatev.

dewd. come'on. I was hoping for a good laff. You've ruined it for me. :)


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