[lbo-talk] it's over - now the destruction really begins

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Didn't old Chuck, talking about India, describe capitalism/imperialism/colonialism -- I forget which word he used -- as a hideous idol that drinks blood from the skulls of the slain? Guy had a way with words.

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> > Second, you really should come around for a visit to
> Southern Africa, comrade, because in that last clause
> you're simply discounting the devalorization of
> 'human capital' (on the scale of what hit the East
> Bloc a century later). If this region teaches political
> economists anything, it's that Northern capital can fly
> in - thanks to overaccumulation abroad - and in search of
> 'stimulating growth', set up a system (e.g.
> Rhodesian or SA migrant-labour apartheid) that devalorizes
> life forever after (just think of AIDS and migrancy as one
> implication).
> I really don't know what gives you the idea that I
> don't appreciate this. I've been saying for years
> that this is just standard operating procedure for
> capitalism, not some sign of crisis. It's been this way
> for centuries.
> Doug
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