[lbo-talk] Aristotle rant,--Eating habits of bluegills

Chip Berlet c.berlet at publiceye.org
Thu Mar 26 18:37:10 PDT 2009

Well, as any angler knows, the eating habits of Bluegills are relatively undifferentiated, ranging from balled up White bread on rusty hooks to their own fry--which, come to think of it, is a pretty ggod metaphor for late-stage capitalism in my book.


Old Stalinists never die, they just keep on posting...


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Philip Pilkington wrote:
> OBut this means a total
> adherence to, as Marx put it, a "criticism of absolutely everything".

Don't be silly. Do you have a critique of the eating habits of bluegills? Of the length of recess in small-town schools? Of the game of hopscotch? Of the type fonts of 56h-grade arithmetic books? You have set yourself a rather exhausting task. Go to it.


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