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dredmond at efn.org dredmond at efn.org
Sun Nov 1 14:24:51 PST 2009

On Sun, November 1, 2009 1:15 pm, Lenin's Tomb wrote:

> Er, Doug, diversity ≠ a "race- and gender-neutral capitalism". The
> liberal bourgeoisie might aspire, one day, toward this chimerical version
> of capitalism in labour is not colour-coded or gender-stratified, but it
> is realistic enough not to actually attempt to achieve this.

It's not a chimera. Transnational corporations hire transnational professionals for transnational markets. Case in point: Sony's Santa Monica studio, currently producing the blockbuster "God of War" videogame franchise. A multicultural, multinational, sexually diverse, gender-balanced crew wrote a storyline reworking Greek mythology into a stunning tale celebrating slave insurrections and anti-colonial rebellions.

This doesn't mean race and gender don't matter. It's just that they matter differently from the days of overt colonialism and Empire.

-- DRR

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