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Sat Nov 28 18:03:03 PST 2009

So, the NYT has a big story about the rise in food stamp use in the recession. It focuses on localities where food stamp use is particularly high, and mentions Owsley County, Kentucky, where half of the 4600 residents receive food stamps. I decided to find out how Owsley County voted in the last election.

As I was searching, I discovered that Owsley is actually part of a large cluster of extremely poor Eastern Kentucky counties. In fact, according to Wikipedia, of the 100 poorest counties in the US by median household income, 16 are in this region of Eastern Kentucky. So I looked at the 2008 voting returns in those 16 counties. Remember, these are counties where probably around half of the residents depend for survival on food stamp appropriations (not to mention Medicaid, TANF, etc.).


Clay - 78-21 M McCreary - 75-23 M Wolfe - 50-47 O Leslie - 81-17 M Martin - 77-22 M Knox - 72-27 M Magoffin - 52-45 M Jackson - 84-14 M Owsley - 76-23 M Breathitt - 53-44 M Knott - 53-45 M Menifee - 51-46 O Bell - 70-29 M Harlan - 72-26 M Letcher - 65-32 M Lawrence - 62-36 M

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