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Unbelievable, would that be the Dolph Lundgren Germans or the Ernest Mandel Germans you're able to suss out just by looking at them? Would that be the Munich Germans, the Berlin Germans, the Cologne Germans or the Hamburg Germans your talking about... seein' as how the first are Swiss, the second Polish, the third French and the fourth Danish and all those groups look the same being completely undifferentiated (seein' as how they're German after all).

Um, and what exactly do you mean by folks from MI and folks from the South being settled by folks from different European stock? 'Cuz, certainly, the Virginia British settlers were totally different looking relative to the Massachusetts British settlers and neither group ever "mixed" outside of their totally homogenous group, much less with the Scots-Irish, and all those upstate NYers who settled in MI didn't include a mixture of Dutch, British, German, French, Polish and Italian ancestry at all and they'd be TOTALLY distinguishable from the English, Scots-Irish, French, German and Italian immigrants who moved across the South and the north to settle the Plains states... especially since all of these completely kept to themselves in the process of immigration and settlement.

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> Since the Michigan area and the South were largely settled by people from
> different areas of Europe, maybe she could tell "southerners" (why the
> square quotes?) by their appearance. I can usually tell if somebody is
> British as opposed to German by looking at them.
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> > > My mother
> > > was a Michigan fruit farmer's daugher. Before the war
> > their main labor
> > > force was white migrant southerners (always called
> > "Arkies"). In a
> > > conversation with her once I discovered she believed
> > that she could tell
> > > "southerners" by their appearance. She had in fact
> > "racialized" white
> > > southerners.
> >
> > What's specifically capitalist about this? Haven't yokels
> > always been suspicious of the folks from over the hill?
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