[lbo-talk] Platypus: what we are, what we do, and why

shag carpet bomb shag at cleandraws.com
Sat Apr 10 06:22:50 PDT 2010

At 10:13 AM 4/9/2010, Doug Henwood wrote:

>On Apr 9, 2010, at 10:01 AM, JAMES Heartfield wrote:
>>Chris C.:
>>"More than 50 years of "Third World" so-called "revolutionary"
>>have failed to produce any emancipatory results whatsoever"
>>Is that something of an overstatement? Having visited both the South
>>and the West Bank and Gaza, I was very impressed with what people
>>had done
>>there in straitened circumstances. I hear that Vietnam is quite
>Sorry to wax Foucauldian, but this word "emancipatory" is not without
>problems. It assumes that there's some inner essence yearning to
>breathe free - and that could breathe free, were it not for all those
>external constraints. Once removed, it would bound about like a
>newborn lamb. But, really, what does this emancipation look like? And
>who is this little shriveled repressed person inside us, anyway? Would
>I recognize mine if we were introduced?

dewd. have you not found out who your spirit animal is yet? some people call it an inner child. why the fuck do you think they call it platypus, you know? i heard tell that this is out platy got its name. they went out into the deep woods near the shores of one of them thar great lakes. they were going to have a srsly inteleckshool discussion about the Dead Left, but someone brought some magic brownies and next thing you know they were running around the pine forest, nekkid doing titty rubbings with each other, chanting: Dead Left. Dead left. Dead left.

you nkow what titty rubbings are right? so in the midst of one of these magic brownie inspired titty rubbings and the repeated enunciations of the slogan, dead left, dead left deadleft, dedleft, dedleft, dedlef, dedlef dedlef, and it kept on as dedlefdedlefdedlef like that for quite some time, this one guy falls down smack dab on a bed of pine needles. sprawled there, spread eagle, massive erection pointing at the sky like a pine tree reaching to the heavens, he opens his eyes, blinks, and says: platypus.


he blinked again. eyes staring upward into the cathedral of pines, the erection at half mast now, "PLATYPUS".

Inspired by al this, everyone stopped the titty rubbing and ran off into the lake, splashing in the moonlight shouting: "We are Platypus! We are Platypus!"

i have an idear! maybe we can all rent a lodge in the wilderness. mike yates can help us with that. we will sleep in teepees 'n' stuph, smoke some wacky tobacky and get i touch with our inner child. bring them out and play! we will need a talking stick to pass around. when you get the talking stick, then you hold it with both hands, nice and tight, and your inner child will reveal itself. if your inner child does not come out easily, then other people can help each other by collectively laying hands on the talking stick and stroking. that will definitely bring out the inner child.

i don't know about anyone else, but i'm bringing all the ingredients for s'mores!

by the way, Doug, I have been talking to some hardcore lefties, finally, in this area. I did not realize so many people think you are, like, God and that Liza is like your Consort-Goddess of the left. And here I been treating y'all like ordinary commoners, making critical remarks, disagreeing with you. i feel like an idiot. maybe even an idiotE! all these years, you've been doug! and liza!

but you are royalty to people.

can i delete all my posts in the archives where i talked back atchya?

i am kidding. but it's so weird to talk to folks and find out that a lot of you folks here on this here list are considered left royalty. maybe no one was kidding when they thought that, after Ivan was born, there should be a statue of you, liza,. and ivan.


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