[lbo-talk] why is the left dead?

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Apr 20 11:03:13 PDT 2010

shag carpet bomb wrote:
> carrol, of course, says there is no such thing as "the" left.
> WRT the platypus discussion is was a commonplace that the left is dead.
> Why is the left dead? is this a reference to the end of Grand Narratives?

It isn't dead. It never dies. There is no left now only in the sense that no conditons exist under which large numbers of leftists and left sympthizers can mount significant public actions.

This, of course, is what has been normal for 200 years; it requires no particular explanation. It is period's such as the '30s and '60s that rquire explanation, not normal periods such as the present.


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