[lbo-talk] revealed: Obama really really is a socialist, really

Miles Jackson cqmv at pdx.edu
Mon Oct 11 14:17:33 PDT 2010

On 10/11/2010 7:57 AM, Doug Henwood wrote:
> And what most people think is very contradictory. It's completely unsystematic, based on hearsay and instinct and fantasy.
> Doug

The values and beliefs in a society are layered over time in accidental and unpredictable ways, so contradictions in people's thinking should be expected. --And it would be kinda boring of all the common values and beliefs in a society were logically coherent!


ps. Although I must say it drives me nuts when I hear people solemnly extolling the virtues of family inheritance and simultaneously arguing for self-reliance and "no free lunches". Why don't their heads explode?

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