[lbo-talk] Platypus Review publishes Racists

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Except that nothing like that was actually happening in this actual instance.


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I am aware of the concept and controversies in the social sciences. Really. I just did not expect such a pat line among the people on this list; it's usually too easy a reference (and leap) to dismissing others as being tribal in a pejorative way.


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Alan Rudy

shorthand for a deeply problematic category, the problems with which J is well aware, which despite its problems, ambiguities and roots in colonial orientatlisms serves as a viable general referent A

^^^^^ CB: With Alan's caveats, the cultural evolutionist materialist school of anthropology has a scheme that goes "bands-tribes-chiefdom-archaic state-modern state". Bands are hunters and gatherers. Tribes have gardens. Both bands and tribes are kinship centered and don't have private property , states or male supremacist marriage. Historic examples are pre-European invasion indigenous American , New Guinea, Australian societies

Tribes, with horticulture , would correspond to the early neolithic.

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> What is a "tribal society"?
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