[lbo-talk] Tell Speaker Boehner to Stop the Rape-Audits Bill

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Fri Apr 1 07:23:08 PDT 2011


Tell Speaker Boehner to Stop the Rape-Audits Bill

H.R.3 – the bill that is moving at lightning speed through Congress – could subject survivors of rape and incest who choose abortion care to audits by the Internal Revenue Service. If passed, women could be forced to describe the horrifying experience of being sexually assaulted to an IRS agent.

Anti-choice politicians in Congress are working furiously to make it as difficult as possible for any woman – under any circumstance – to access abortion care.

On top of abortion audits for sexual-assault survivors, H.R.3 would essentially end insurance coverage of abortion in the new health system. That means if your private insurance covers abortion now, you could lose it.

Tell Speaker Boehner that the War on Women must end. Sign our petition calling on him to put a stop to H.R.3.

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