[lbo-talk] U.S. pulling out of air war in Libya

ken hanly northsunm at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 1 16:10:17 PDT 2011

This has nothing to do with the U.S. pulling out of the war. It is ensuring that the costs of some part of the operation are passed on to other countries. The U.S. will still be involved in enforcing the embargo against arms going to Gadaffi and not doubt making sure they get through to the rebels. You will notice they already have more substantial weaponry in photos. No doubt the primary surveillance is also by the U.S. Plus there will be special forces on the ground plus CIA agents gathering intelligence and also the rebel commander who definitely seems to be a CIA operative.

Cheers, ken

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[So much for all the heated commentary about a new war. But do they have any idea what they're doing?]


US ending its air combat role in Libya By ROBERT BURNS, AP National Security Writer – Fri Apr 1, 3:47 am ET

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon is about to pull its attack planes out of the international air campaign in Libya, hoping NATO partners can take up the slack.

The announcement Thursday drew incredulous reactions from some in Congress who wondered aloud why the Obama administration would bow out of a key element of the strategy for protecting Libyan civilians and crippling Moammar Gadhafi's army.

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