[lbo-talk] Sharp Drop in American Enthusiasm for Free Market, Poll Shows

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Wed Apr 6 09:15:01 PDT 2011

huh. Doesn't the 9% "strongly disagree" (on the free market economy being "the best system") come pretty close to confirming the 11% communist figure from a month or two ago?

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> Sharp Drop in American Enthusiasm for Free Market, Poll Shows
> April 6, 2011
> American public support for the free market economy has dropped sharply in
> the past year, and is now lower than in China, according to a GlobeScan poll
> released today.
> The findings, drawn from 12,884 interviews across 25 countries, show that
> there has been a sharp fall in the number of Americans who think that the
> free market economy is the best economic system for the future.
> When GlobeScan began tracking views in 2002, four in five Americans (80%)
> saw the free market as the best economic system for the future--the highest
> level of support among tracking countries. Support started to fall away in
> the following years and recovered slightly after the financial crisis in
> 2007/8, but has plummeted since 2009, falling 15 points in a year so that
> fewer than three in five (59%) now see free market capitalism as the best
> system for the future.
> GlobeScan Chairman Doug Miller commented: "America is the last place we
> would have expected to see such a sharp drop in trust in the free enterprise
> system. This is not good news for business."
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