[lbo-talk] Projections?? for WI Supreme contest

Joshua Morey amvojo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 15:18:17 PDT 2011

> I've got to ask why this election is even close. This guy is one of
> Walker's buddies and will likely hear many of the law suits coming down the
> pipe.
> In California, I know who these assholes are and where they come from.
> Usually places like Darrel Issa's district.
> But I don't know anything about Wisconsin's politics. So, maybe you can
> describe them a little...
> CG

Here's a little background: http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/opinion/editorial/article_9734f292-2c7d-11e0-a9ba-001cc4c03286.html -

It was written on Jan 30, so it is an interesting little time capsule.

To be honest, part of me wonders how it can be close, but another wonders how Kloppenburg could have possibly won (so far,anyway). An incumbent with well-funded, well-organized, well-energized political machinery behind him facing a challenger with no judicial experience, a history of supporting green party candidates, and a certain awkwardness during interviews and debates...

It should be noted that Walker is blaming Dane County (where madison is) and to a lesser extent Milwaukee county - I think he called them islands. The advantage to Kloppenburg in Dane and Milwaukee counties is +114K; however, the advantage to Prosser in Ozaukee, Washinton, and Waukesha Counties - suburban, wealthy counties bordering Milwaukee (and not nearly as populated as Dane and Milwaukee) - is +112K. Throw in Jefferson county, another suburban county between Madison and Milwaukee, and the advantage is Prosser's at +116 - - therefore if you take the urban and suburban counties out, Kloppenburg wins by 2k. Splitting hairs, yes, but he brought it up...

Again, I am generally not very enthusiastic about elections - other work can be more important IMHO - but that she even made it competitive is encouraging.

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