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Fri Apr 8 19:27:54 PDT 2011

I only started using Word when I went to work for other people. I can safely say that I've never had Word, Excel, yadda crash on me. Indeed, I can't remember when - maybe 1999? - a Windows OS crashed on me either. There was once a huge problem running Eudora and Indesign at the same time, but that was a Eudora problem....

At 09:46 PM 4/8/2011, brandelune at gmail.com wrote:

>On 9 avr. 11, at 10:01, Doug Henwood wrote:
> > I'm still using an old version of Office, from 2000, because there are
> many things that it does that the most recent Mac version can't. But
> still, it works a lot better than OO and NO. Unlike Excel, there's no
> StatPak, for example. And it runs like uncompiled Java or something - is
> that what it is? It takes forever to open a doc, edit it, type in it, save it.
>I don't know when you last tried NeoOffice but it is not exactly as you
>describe it anymore... And unlike Word it does not crash on you in the
>middle of an important job.
> > I hate Microsoft as much as the next guy, but with that freeware stuff,
> you get what you pay for.
>Indeed. And if people donated to free software as much as they spend on
>proprietary crapware then there are plenty of things that would be fixed
>and improved.
>I've personally donated €100 to LibreOffice the day it was announced, I've
>donated about €200 to NeoOffice over the past 2 years, and more than €500
>for developing features of a computer aided translation tool I use for
>work (OmegaT) and I've even spent about €500 on a Mac Mini I gave to the
>developer who needed to do debugging on Macs.
>If you are not a programmer, instead of paying license fees, spend that
>money to hire a programmer and get some code written.
>And it is not not "freeware stuff", it is "free software".

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