[lbo-talk] Found Wisconsin votes don't add up

c b cb31450 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 11:04:54 PDT 2011

What this sadly points to is that while the Wisconsin public in general does not tend towards conservatism, because of the low voter turnout among left/liberals/progressives, all it takes is a few activist rightwing counties to have a high turnout and they can push an extremist agenda down our throats.

If the last months of demonstrations and battle against the reactionary budget being pushed by Walker and company weren't enough to activate the Wisconsin electorate, we are in big trouble.


^^^^^ CB: Don't disagree that we might be in big trouble. However, the life experiences with government that cause the mass of chronic non-voters not to vote would not likely be overcome by the current issues and demonstrations. Most non-voters are probably not in public workers' jobs and unions. So , the attack on collective bargaining for public workers wouldn't impact them or inspire them to vote.

Unfortunately, the decades of union relative indifference to the needs of the working class in general will not be overcome instantly. Only now is the UAW's Bob King talking about "social justice unionism".

Also, for many people who don't think about politics much, it would take a bit of explaining as to what the Supreme Court race had to do with the demonstrations against the Governor. I know it is obvious to us, but apolitical people might not immediately perceive an identity between the Governor and Sup Ct. Justice, even though they are both Republicans.

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