[lbo-talk] the decline of men

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But the hard truth is that males (especially "unatteched" ones) are viewed more as a liability to society, in virtually every social or work situation, and NOT as a "scarce commodity"! Mike G.

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I tell my students all the time that on the one hand good men are going to be a scarce commodity relative to all the better women out there so they need to buck up in order to be worthy of a good mate... on the other hand, a few guys quickly point out that such a scarcity means that some better women might just be available to not quite so great a guy as a result...  we all have a good laugh, except for some of the young women who'd never thought before about why so many guys seemed to be losers by comparison to their expectations and standards and who are then kinda depressed by this being an apparent structural feature of 21st C life... ;-)

More seriously, its the reinscription of romanticized old timey masculinity that I see behind the falling academic and other achievements of young guys... which makes them seriously insecure and more likely to be reactively masculinist... at least as I see it here in mid-Michigan, all you folks surrounded by coastal metrosexuals may see it differently. smile.

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> On Apr 13, 2011, at 3:30 PM, Somebody Somebody wrote:
> > One of the reasons for concerns about the decline of men is that in major
> cities like New York and Chicago, where many writers reside, young women are
> on average well in advance of their male counterparts. They are more likely
> to be college graduates, have a post-graduate education, and have higher
> incomes in their 20's than men of the same age.
> In other words, without the decaying prop of patriarchy, men are toast?
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