[lbo-talk] the decline of men

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Not exactly profound discoveries!

Mike G

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Feminism as an approach or framework works because women have been and continue to be discriminated against as a class. What would be the equivalent for men, when you say “men’s issues”?


Men's issues: from everything I've been able to observe in 57 years....in no particular order.

They don't allow themselves to feel certain emotions: vulnerability, fear, (often love because it makes them feel vulnerable). Anger is generally the only emotion it's ok for them to have.

They think they have to do everything by themselves. They are afraid to ask for help. If they do get help, they seldom acknowledge it.

They pretend they know more than they actually do.

They don't realize that making love to a woman is different than masturbation.

They do not understand that relationships require a lot of attention and work.

Many fear and hate women.


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