[lbo-talk] why Sarah Lawrence is so expensive...

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Thu Apr 14 12:22:14 PDT 2011

Of course it is expensive! However, as long as "the people who matter" can afford to attend there, then there's no problem. I see that there are a number of women listed here...I'm sure they're not earning the proverbial 59 cents on the dollar! Somehow, I don't feel much safer, even if women have broken the "glass ceiling" at NSA! Mike G

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At 11:12 AM 4/14/2011, Doug Henwood wrote:

> ...because the education is "handcrafted," the president explains. What do you
>expect, for $59,000 a year?

This is the best list of grads she can boast?

> our better-known graduates, such as Chicago Mayor and former White House Chief
>of Staff Rahm Emanuel; MacArthur "genius" choreographer Meredith Monk; actors
>Julianna Margulies, Jane Alexander, and Jill Clayburgh; JJ Abrams, creator of
>Lost; broadcast journalist and author Barbara Walters; W. Ian Lipkin,
>physician-scientist whose team first identified the West Nile virus; and Brooke
>Anderson, Chief of Staff and Counselor for the National Security Agency.

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