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>> Women also had to deal with pregnancy and lactation.
>> Of course, there's the envy of multiple orgasms theory of women's oppression too - men just couldn't stand it, so they kept 'em on a short leash.
> You guys need to start using smileys, however uncool it feels. Srsly. :-)

The first is not a joke at all. I read a whole article on the topic in NLR about 20-25 years ago.

The second is only partly a joke. Men are afraid of the disruptive power of female sexuality. Read George Gilder - he lays it all bare. That, and the homo-anxiety at the core of so much right-wing thought.

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There's the old classic, Reich's "Mass Psychology of Fascism" which describes the relationship between pleasure and the state in very interesting ways. Some say he's crazy, but he wrote the most persuasive stuff about sex I've ever read.

But as for multiple orgasms: men can have them too with Tantric sex.


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