[lbo-talk] U.S. giving up on Libyan rebels

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From your link:

""There is no sign the CIA or any other U.S. agency is organizing arms supplies for the rebels. But U.S. officials say privately that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are willing to provide weapons and other support to Gaddafi's foes.""

The CIA and special forces are certainly organizing much else no doubt training the rebels.. The rebel commander is in all probability a CIA operative. He has just been imported from Virginia where he lived the last ten years. Egypt is providing arms for the rebels. I just saw a clip on CBC of a ship arriving in Miserata with humanitarian supplies plus arms. Saudi Arabia seems not interested in providing arms for Bahraini protesters but for the good democratic king

whose idea of reform is to dissolve the main opposition party. Qatar has already an oil deal that will provide the rebels money for arms.The arms embargo apparently is being applied only against Gadaffi, not what the UN motion says to Libya in its entirety.There is not the slightest intention of trying to force both sides into a ceasefire. The slaughter is just going on and on while the humanitarian intervention Bunny never runs out of moral. indignation but will keep going and going to the last Libyan to achieve regime change. But think of all the creative destruction that will provide plenty of opportunity for foreign companies to rebuild and resupply a ruined Libya.

Cheers ken

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[So much for all those grand plans that seemed so grand just a week or three ago.]


U.S., allies see Libyan rebels in hopeless disarray

By Mark Hosenball and Phil Stewart

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Too little is known about Libya's rebels and they remain too fragmented for the United States to get seriously involved in organizing or training them, let alone arming them, U.S. and European officials say.

U.S. and allied intelligence agencies believe NATO's no-fly zone and air strikes will be effective in stopping Muammar Gaddafi's forces from killing civilians and dislodging rebels from strongholds like Benghazi, the officials say.

But the more the intelligence agencies learn about rebel forces, the more they appear to be hopelessly disorganized and incapable of coalescing in the foreseeable future.

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