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> Hard to tell which is stronger, this fear, or the related fear of
> queer sexuality.
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> And I wonder what this fear is all about? Is it about being somebody's "bitch"? Is it that men's ideas of sexuality are so distorted that they can't imagine two people equally interested in the act -- play and reciprocity. Or is it the reflection, in the sexual realm, that under capitalism someone must always "lose" if someone else "wins.”

Don’t the Occam’s Razor’ish explanations suffice for explaining the fear of female sexuality: we see time and again that males of species attempt to control the reproductive activity and choices of females. There are species of birds in which the male, after mating, secretes a substances that plugs the female’s entrance for a period of time, giving his sperm a headstart over any immediately following competitors. The human male, without the tremendous physical power advantage of the silverback and hobbled by the cunning of human thought, no doubt lives in a perpetual state of anxiety about reproductive success and “worse”, “wasted" parenting effort. The more the female takes pleasure in sex, the more threatening it is!

Of course human cultural/mental evolution has reached the point where men are terrified of having children while still wanting to control the reproductive activities of women :-).


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