[lbo-talk] the decline of men

Michael Smith mjs at smithbowen.net
Sat Apr 16 10:54:56 PDT 2011

On Sat, 16 Apr 2011 13:33:54 -0400 Doug Henwood <dhenwood at panix.com> wrote:

> > Oh, I never said *that*. There's always lower to
> > go -- abyss beneath abyss, to an infinitude of
> > bathos.
> Lead the way, man!

I thought my reference to net porn was very much in the spirit, actually; but nobody seems to have picked up on that.

One does what one can. But when it comes to taking a conversation into the crapper, though, one is really running with the big dogs 'round here. There are one or two on this list of whom I simply stand in awe; people who might recall Pope from the grave, to write an appendix to the Dunciad.

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