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In this case, Conner moves on, gets over Anna. Later, he's at a cafe, admiring his ads in the paper. Mary, who has spoken to Conner on the phone, an ad rep at the alternative weekly, who worked with Conner to create his ad campaigns, is admiring the ad in the paper, doing so only feet away at the same outdoor cafe. She sees Conner and phones him. They get together, they hit it off. it's effortless. She calls him - something the book tells you not to do! So, the story serves as that tale that keeps women going, hoping that there's an exception to the rule. Most guys? Just not that into you. But once in awhile there will be that guy, like Conner. You, too, can pick up the phone, initiate a conversation, start the flirting, invite him over - and it will all, magically, work out. You go girl! So, interestingly, the film closes with a story that unravels the message of the others.


There used to be actually interesting m/f films.

1. His Girl Friday 2. Adam's Rib 3. Desk Set 4. Ball of Fire

I'm trying to think when the last such movie was made. Hmmm. Ah, Yes. "A Fish Called Wanda."


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