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^^^^ CB; This question - also, do women fear men ? - was sort of rhetorical to gently point out that there is a possible contradiction between the earlier statement "Men fear women" and the realistic fact that women fear men. Are u saying they fear each other ? Surely the fear that men have of women is not as real as the fear women have of men , no ?

Isn't men's so-called fear of women something of a trifle, a mirage, an illusion or a sort of psychological game or something ?

---- I would not say that men's fear of women is entirely irrational or illusory.

Women play by different rules than men, and this makes men feel uncomfortable and vulnerable in new ways. Clearly "the rule of the stronger" is not something that applies to their relationship with women....and so they have to understand forms of relating that are different than those that obtain with men. Playing by rules you don't alltogether understand can be scary.

Women are also fairly astute observers and can, when provoked, abuse and wound men emotionally. This doesn't leave welts, but it's still violence.


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