[lbo-talk] Transition to capitalism in Cuba

Julio Huato juliohuato at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 14:38:51 PDT 2011

I'll just add to my previous post that Fidel is overtly approving of the *process*, which cannot be construed as approving of the decisions that will be made. He just wrote in his latest "Reflections" that he has been watching intently the deliberations of the delegates in various commissions. Referring to the youth and the educational level of the delegates, and contrasting that with the old generation of Cuban communists, he wrote:

"I did not care much what they said, as the way they said it. They were so well prepared and their vocabulary was so rich, which I could hardly understand them. They discussed every word, and even the presence or absence of a comma in a paragraph discussed.


"The new generation is called to rectify and change without hesitation all that must be corrected and changed, and continue to demonstrate that socialism is also the art of the impossible: to construct and carry out the revolution of the humble, the humble and for the poor, and defend it for half a century of the most formidable power that ever existed."

I believe that when U.S. revolutionaries get to turn things around in even the tiniest community or town in the country, when just a little bit of practical experience in building socialism accumulates here (and that will happen!), then we'll have plenty moral authority to demand that the Cubans pay some attention to us and perhaps even learn from us how to build their socialism.

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