[lbo-talk] the decline of men

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...and from your apparently extensive experience, Joanna, which configuration of threesome do you find is more terrific, MFM or MMF ?


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Exactly. The intensity is about the interaction.

That is, the greatest turn on is the sexual energy/excitement of your partner. As you feel that, it amplifies your own, which in turn feeds theirs, which amplifies your own. A virtuous cycle one might say.

In fact, ahem. This is why a threesome can be so terrific. Even more energy.


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seriously. i was gonna say that the multiple orgasms are way better without that. I mean, if it's just to get your rocks off, typically, one's enough with a device. But when you're with someone else, *that's* when multiple orgasms are best: the intensity is about the interaction. When someone's really into encouraging you along... well. 'nuff said! aside from which, which kind: the one right after another one kind? Or the fact that we dno't have a refractory rest period? so, can have one with a penis and then one with some tongue and lips and then one with fingers and etc. and back to the penis again, given sufficient rest? I always thought men were bumming about the lack of any need for a refractory period - all women are capable of that. But far fewer have multiple orgasms.

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>Not me. I've always been vibrator frigid.
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> > But as for multiple orgasms: men can have them too with Tantric sex.
>That's work. Women can do it with a simple battery-operated device.

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