[lbo-talk] the decline of men

John Wesley godisamethodist at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 21 14:56:11 PDT 2011

No, absolutely not, Joanna.

However, there always remains that age-old taboo about men having any physical contact.  I've even had other men refuse to just touch hands at folk dances, of all things!  Of course, the FFM always does remain the ultimate fantasy dream for the more sophomoric minded of the XY's (lol).

Mike G

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My experience with threesomes is actually extremely limited. And, based on this extremely limited experience, I would say that FMF was better than MFM because with MFM, the guys would have nothing to do with one another sexually; whereas with FMF, every permutation was allowable.

However, there is nothing that says that an MFM situation has to necessarily preclude sex between the male participants. In that case, it might be just as interesting.


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...and from your apparently extensive experience, Joanna, which configuration of

threesome do you find is more terrific, MFM or MMF ?


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Exactly. The intensity is about the interaction.

That is, the greatest turn on is the sexual energy/excitement of your partner. As you feel that, it amplifies your own, which in turn feeds theirs, which amplifies your own. A virtuous cycle one might say.

In fact, ahem. This is why a threesome can be so terrific. Even more energy.


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seriously. i was gonna say that the multiple orgasms are way better without that. I mean, if it's just to get your rocks off, typically, one's enough with a device. But when you're with someone else, *that's* when multiple orgasms are best: the intensity is about the interaction. When someone's really into encouraging you along... well. 'nuff said! aside from which, which kind: the one right after another one kind? Or the fact that we dno't have a refractory rest period? so, can have one with a penis and then one with some tongue and lips and then one with fingers and etc. and back to the penis again, given sufficient rest? I always thought men were bumming about the lack of any need for a refractory period - all women are capable of that. But far fewer have multiple orgasms.

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>Not me. I've always been vibrator frigid.
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> > But as for multiple orgasms: men can have them too with Tantric sex.
>That's work. Women can do it with a simple battery-operated device.

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