[lbo-talk] My new gig

B. docile_body at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 23 20:45:28 PDT 2011

I've been off LBO-Talk for awhile. Radio Schizo used to be my (paltry) claim to fame. I started ding that in 2005, when many folks had no idea what a podcast was. Now, everyone has one.

I'm involved with two avant-garde noise projects now: Russian Winter, and especially Second Front.

This is the blog for these projects:


Russian Winter released a 3-song EP. It's not easy listening. It's atonal, dissonant, harsh dark ambient/drone -- etc. In the spirit of super early Swans, or, more accurately, very early Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Current 93, Whitehouse, and the Broken Flag acts like Ramleh, Maurizio Bianchi, and Mauthausen Orchestra.

Cheers. :)


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