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Sun Apr 24 05:25:49 PDT 2011

Overrated writers: Well, Maya Angelou. Yes, she already causes hash grumbles among the poets' and writers' communities at large. But among the general public she is jus reflexively worshipped.

Carl Sandburg. Clive Barker. Bernard Henri Levy. I have met many people who think HP Lovecraft is not only overrated, but downright horrible. Jean Baudrillard. Paul Virilio. Dave Barry. :) Howard Kurtz. Thomas Friedman. Robert Bly. (Blech.) And at the risk of sounding very douchebaggy, I would say Noami Shihab Nye.

There's a world of overrated writers out there. Overrated by who, though? By the general public, or us elitist intellectual snob lefties and semi-professional book critics? :)


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> No doubt, no doubt he has talent. Let me know when he writes a classic.

There are sections of insight where Naipaul gets out of the way (like the bit my wife — who is made of sterner stuff than I am — read out to me, a conversation between two Indians in the USA, in which Naipaul, perhaps unoriginally but with some subtlety brings out the unattractiveness of negative freedoms in the immigrant experience - particularly for unsuccessful, non-individualistic persons). But I have never found that suitable compensation for having to deal with the man for the bulk of it.

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