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You're right of course. It was Suri who delighted with the first and irritated with the second.

I got half way through Seth's latest, the bio of his uncle the dentist who had to relearn dentistry when his right hand got blown off....it was amazingly good given how purposefully tame the narrative was....must finish it.

The Golden Gate blew my mind. Nothing deep. But I could not believe I was actually reading a novel in sonnet form ...and unable to put it down.

Seth's Suitable Boy was like Trollope come to write about the 20th century.


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> P.S. On the topic of Indian writers, I have to say I was deeply disappointed by Vikram Seth's second book, though I read the first one at least three times (The Death of Vishnu).


you gave me the book (Death of Vishnu) but you have the author wrong. It’s Manil Suri, I think. Seth’s first book was most likely Golden Gate, which I did not take to much. The Death of Vishnu was a good read.


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