[lbo-talk] Typewriters R.I.P.

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Wed Apr 27 09:42:28 PDT 2011

More than a desire for fetish objects is the reason for the return of vinyl in the late 1990s ... it's about sound qualities, and the feeling that analogue recordings retain texture and warmth that cannot be reproduced in digital recording formats. Not everyone or all music is well-served by the pristine, crystalline detail of digital sound. Having said that, there's no doubt some (un?)healthy fetishizing involved in the obsessive ways some folk rhapsodize those same claims.

On 27 Apr 2011, at 6:16 PM, Michael Pollak wrote:

> On Tue, 26 Apr 2011, Jordan Hayes wrote:
>>> Typewriters are something like record players though.
>> What is this 'record player' that you speak of, grand-dad?!
> They're coming back you middle aged whipper snapper! In a small
> way. Many of the cool teens are into them. In the world of digital,
> CDs make no sense. But often they want to buy a musical fetish
> object, and records are much more satisfyingly object like. Plus
> cover art.
> Michael
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