[lbo-talk] DU weapon use in Libya

Somebody Somebody philos_case at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 27 12:22:00 PDT 2011

I can't countenance people who support new Western military interventions after the genocide of Iraq. You need have no anti-imperialist ideology or revolutionary Marxist bonafides to recognize the enormity of the crime committed by the U.S. and it's allies against Iraq, not just after 2003, but in the whole period from the Persian Gulf War onwards. And crucially, it was during the interregnum between the wars, when the European powers were fully on board, that hundreds of thousands of young Iraqis died.

No, I don't see this as being irrelevant to Libya at all. If the U.S. and it's allies had held their officials responsible for these crimes at the International Criminal Court or at their own appointed tribunals and had undergone an intensive process of de-imperialization akin to De-Nazification, I could see the value in allowing them to turn a new page on their foreign policy. They have done nothing of the kind, and thus, in all respects that matter we're being called to support the exact same regimes that already instigated genocide. No. And if the Libyan transitional council wants to call upon genocidaires to back their coming to power, and want to moreover prop up Arab illusions about Western good will and imperial beneficence, I will only remark that they are already as covered in blood as Qaddafi.

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