[lbo-talk] Atlas Flopped

B. docile_body at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 28 15:50:35 PDT 2011

Hmm - well, I'd like to see a movie about Foucault, anyway. Not a creepy one. (I mean, come on.) To me, he wasn't creepy at all. I love the guy.

UCB, eh? Well, when Foucault was in his early thirties, he bought a Jaguar in France, drove it up to Sweden, and taught in a Scandinavian university to mosty female classmates about the Marquis de Sade. Do I envy that? NAWWWW. That sounds like pure hell, to me. :)

Atlas Shrugged, the movie and book, is only lacking a scene where a CEO goes into the fetal position of his corner office, a la Kids in the Hall's _Brain Candy_, and sobs abour how "MY EMPIRE IS CRUMBLING!!!" -- while it all happens in front a large, bay-view window overlooking a circa 1940s railroad scene. I love movies filled with conference rooms and bay views overlooking vast circa 1930s empires of capital.


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But I don't want to see a movie about Foucault. For one thing, knowing he had AIDS, he spent a fair amount of time having unprotected sex with young men for some kind of radical reason that I don't understand.

So, no, I'll give that a pass. He came to UC Berkeley to give a lecture. Very creepy.


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