[lbo-talk] The death of cursive

Hein Marais hein at marais.as
Fri Apr 29 09:23:39 PDT 2011

>> I learnt to edit on tape with a razor, and sure it's a pain in the
>> arse, but I miss that tactile side of it, and I like to think it
>> potentially taught a forward-looking precision ... couldn't really
>> afford mistakes -- fixing them was just such a hassle -- so I think
>> I plotted ahead more carefully. But, no doubt, there's no argument
>> re which is the easier, friendlier, quicker etc. Bit like with
>> music now: sure I can fit my collection in my pocket (well, not
>> quite, but soon, I'm sure), but I don't want to lose those dreamy,
>> inspiring journeys around my collection, when the colour or font or
>> whatever on the spine leads me, often circuitously (which is the
>> thrill) through the music and the memories and joys -- or shocks --
>> it holds.
> Why handwrite a draft? It's a pain to scribble and then to read.
> WBAI's former program director, Bernard White, once said that you
> should learn to edit sound on magnetic tape using a razor. Why, in
> god's name? That's utterly pointless. Computer editing is sooooo
> much better in every way.
> Doug
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