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> I'll take a look.  How would Miller know though?
> http://illuminations.berkeley.edu/archives/2005/history.php?volume=3
> [...]

> Sluga (UC Berkeley philosophy professor) believes the truth may be less
> dramatic--but no less tragic. When Foucault came to Berkeley to teach that
> fall (1983), he sublet a French professor's apartment in Haight-Ashbury.
> Sluga lived nearby on Buena Vista Hill and would often give Foucault, who
> didn't drive, a lift to Berkeley.
> "These were great occasions because we would get stuck in the Bay Bridge
> traffic and we could talk about philosophy, talk about life," Sluga says.
> They talked about Wittgenstein, with whom Sluga believes Foucault shares an
> under-recognized affinity.
> They also talked about AIDS.
> "I was telling him about AIDS and he wouldn't believe it. He said this was
> American anti-sexual hysteria," Sluga says. "I think he underestimated the
> realities, unfortunately."
> But Sluga remembers another Foucault from that time, as well, a man far
> removed from the glamorous denizen of Folsom Street. On campus, Foucault
> looked, except for his distinctive bald pate, like any other professor in
> his tweed and glasses, briefcase at his side.
> "Here was this figure who had this international reputation and drew these
> huge crowds," Sluga says, "and what did he do most of the time when he was
> at Cal? He was in the main library, reading. He was a very scholarly man. He
> loved to read books."


Another Berkeley Prof. who got along well with MF and might know more is John Searle.

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