[lbo-talk] in NYC school "reform", responsible = corrupt?

John Wesley godisamethodist at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 29 11:52:28 PDT 2011

Yes, it's always amazing how much more these private contractors seem to rake in from the taxpayers when compared to what is paid to those "overpaid" full-time public workers.

It happens every time that public bodies "privatize" their IT ssytems - inevitably the same waste, overruns, mistakes, glitches, and fraud.

Mike G

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Consultant to the Schools Stole Millions, Officials Say though, that's not the half of it: "Mr. Lanham, who was being paid $200,000 a year by the city, used layers of contractors and subcontractors to hide his scheme, and each of them profited a little from it, according to the federal complaint."  And it appears that Verizon and IBM overbilled the Dept. of Ed on top of being part of the scam...


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