[lbo-talk] The myth of Obama blunders and weakness

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Aug 2 08:39:47 PDT 2011

1) I did mean my response to apply to both SA & Julio: Both share the view that intervention by radicals in electoral politics can influence public opinion. I deny this. Nothing whatever follows from any action radicals take in respect to RP/DP politics. If/when A Left emerges with some coherence and a mass following*, then left responses to DP/RP candidates MAY make a difference. At present Julio & SA and those who agree with them are merely children building sand castles on the beach.

2) I did fail to distinguish between the words of SA and Julio, but I intended not to distinguish between their positions.

3) I usually write my posts in Word, then run them through EmilStripper, before pasting them in a new post.


On 8/1/2011 9:46 PM, // ravi wrote:
> On Aug 1, 2011, at 10:25 PM, Bill Bartlett wrote:
>> Carrol appears to be mixing up what Julio said, with what SA said in response. Not his fault, I see from SA's post that he failed to distinguish between his response and what he was responding to.

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