[lbo-talk] Administrivia ...

Chuck Grimes c123grimes at att.net
Wed Aug 3 06:49:49 PDT 2011

Pine, Eudora, Mush,… new fangled silliness, I say! :-) In my day, if we weren’t using mail/mailx, we used MH or elm (no, not Rmail you Emacs freaks). You know, there’s one GUI mail app from the 90s that was really sweet and arguably ahead of it’s time. It was called Zmail (I think it was bought and killed by NCD). Had a lot of neat features (if you can stand the Motif widgetry).



Back in the day, I used MH, writing in Emacs, then cut/paste to MH and send. It produced very clean text. Back before I switched to FreeBSD, and was stuck in M$uck Windows 3 before Wsuck had internet capability, UCB had a package that encluded Eudora.

Before that I was using an TI 6000 with thermo print terminal on ARPNET where I kept a log of @ addresses to get to MIT and play some game... The wife got pissed I was fucking around in the basement... More nostalgia from the 70s...


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