[lbo-talk] BobboSphere is not disillusioned with Obama

c b cb31450 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 08:05:31 PDT 2011

Doug Henwood asked:

> Do you approve of this piece of nonsense, or are you forwarding it the
> way a pathologist might want to share an interesting lesion (a "fascinoma,"
> I once heard) with colleagues?

^^^^^ CB: Spoken like a true political novice, recovering from anti-activistism. The following from the article is a really sensible diagnosis of the left's flatfeet:

But if anyone thought the American Left would have a strategy and hit the ground running on Day 2 of the Obama Presidency, they were in for bitter disappointment. Maybe it was the hangover from all of the inspirational speeches and the emotional roller coaster of the campaign. In any event, the American Left was flopped out on the couch with its party hat still on & plastic champagne glasses littering the floor.

This was obvious during the health care debacle. The American Left was caught flatfooted, picked off base like a bush leaguer who had been mistakenly promoted to the majors. For all of their money, the best that the health care industry and their allies could do was mobilize a few thousand screaming mimi’s to go and shout incoherence at the TV cameras. But where was the Left? Did the American Left seriously think that they could have a revolution in health care without actually making that revolution? The Left finally did mobilize for health care reform, too little and too late. The media war was won by the Rightwing who threw armed tea parties in celebration.

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