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Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Wed Aug 3 14:22:09 PDT 2011

On Aug 3, 2011, at 3:30 PM, Wojtek S wrote:

> Marv: "If Obama, with the political momentum and a Congressional
> majority, had pilloried and punished the bankers and imposed tough new
> restrictions on their activities, had steadfastly pinned
> responsibility for the crisis on the Republicans and Wall Street..."
> etc.
> [WS:] This is like arguing that had the pope mobilized all his
> divisions against the Nazis, WW2 would have had a different outcome.
The eternally unforgivable crime of Pope Pacelli was not that he didn't "Mobilize divisions." It was that he refused to *demobilize* the Roman Catholic divisions that were indispensable to Hitler's genocide. All it would have taken was one word: ANATHEMA. Facing automatic excommunication and certain eternal damnation, all those Catholics who actually believed their religion, all who obeyed their Priests, would have had to desert Hitler's army and regime which would quickly have collapsed and been overthrown long before July 30 1944. Remember Canossa?

> Can you name a single government in the developed world that stood
> against the neoliberal agenda of banks and corporations during the
> past decade or so? Whether socialist or conservative, they all lined
> up hats in hand to get the finance capital stamp of approval. You
> need a revolution to change that. Do not expect the POTUS or, for
> that matter, any other head of state to start one for you.

Obviously not. But they all lied, lie, and will lie about it. The point is to expose mercilessly all their lies, not offer half-assed, people-blaming apologetics for their behavior.

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