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Thu Aug 4 14:25:23 PDT 2011

In the second part of the present work Marx gave popular exposition of the fundamental theses of the theories of value and surplus value and of the conclusions derived from these theories. As is mentioned by Marx in his letter to Engels, this part contains an exposition of several theses from his book Capital on which he was working at the time. Although it is so condensed, this part of the work nevertheless constitutes a model of lucid exposition and a consummate popularization of the economic theory of Marx. A study of this pamphlet is still the best introduction to Marx’s Capital.

Hey, guys.

So I've heard some good things about the last chapter of Wages, Prices and Profit. Anybody read it?

Going to the beach this weekend, and it's either that or the Keith Richards memoir. Thx!


^^^^ CB: It's _Capital_ For Beginners without cartoons;  also,  how Marx talked to workers directly about the thesis. Marx relates value and price ,  a popular issue of discussion and debate for leftists.

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