[lbo-talk] Left-neoliberalism: a bold strategy for the year 1999

Miles Jackson cqmv at pdx.edu
Sat Aug 6 15:27:48 PDT 2011

Carrol Cox wrote:
> On 8/6/2011 2:20 PM, Shane Mage wrote:
>> Don't they transmit electrical impulses?
> In the nerves they do but not in the brain, where signals are
> transmitted chemically. That's one of the neater arguments against
> 'intelligent' design: why design such a fast system for the nerves, such
> a clumsy system for the brain? Id my memory is wrong here, Ian will
> correct me. :-)
> Carrol

Yes, that's about right. An action potential (positive charge) is propagated along the neuron's axon, and then the presynaptic neuron sends an inhibitory or excitatory neurochemical message to the postsynaptic neuron. It's way, way more complicated than an electrical circuit--hence Ian's rejection of the "neurons are wires" metaphor.


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