[lbo-talk] Stock Markets vs the Real Economy

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Tue Aug 9 12:01:03 PDT 2011

Chuck Grimes re SA on "confusing production with distribution": "Wow is that a confusing and technical argument...Nevermind, I'll stay out of it."

Yeah, that was probably the best idea... Oh, well, I've hit 'Send'....

On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 8:38 AM, Chuck Grimes <c123grimes at att.net> wrote:
>> This is the problem: You are confusing production with distribution.
>> A larger share of *profits* goes to the financial sector than in the past.
>> That does not mean a larger share of *productive resources* has been shifted
>> into the financial sector.  SA
> Wow is that a confusing and technical argument. You mean that cash is not
> the same as productive resources, and that cash composes only part of
> productive resources, a larger category? Nevermind, I'll stay out of it.
> SA
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