[lbo-talk] riots of the '60s

c b cb31450 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 11:20:16 PDT 2011

The materials for any research on the riots themselves is either not available or available only in police files. It would have to start out with oral history from hundreds of participants. And that would have had to be collected almost immediately after each riot. The other, utterly undependable source, would be newspaper accounts. Comparing riots to revolutons is something like comparign skin srapings from a partridge with an elephant in a zoo. As I said in the post fwd from pen-l: Riots are pre-political responses to outrages in the absence of any formal means of redress. No riots in neighborhoods in which either the Panthers or SNCC had been active.


^^^^^ CB; Yes, though as I said to James Heartfield on facebook , it is important not to characterize the London riots a "shear criminality". Riots are caused by capitalism's general law tendency to immiserate a mass of the population. Socio-economic factors , not personal irresponsibility , are the root cause.

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