[lbo-talk] Mitt Romney Is Correct

michael perelman michael.perelman3 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 22:33:37 PDT 2011

Romney drew catcalls for saying that corporations are people. He should be applauded for saying the truth. According to the Constitution, Blacks were fractional people – – 3/5, to be precise – – and without any rights. The 14th amendment granted Blacks their status is part of humanity, but the Supreme Court gradually gutted that part of the 14th amendment. In compensation, the court granted even more rights to corporations by recognizing them as people.

In addition to the rights supposedly granted to ordinary people, corporations have additional rights, such as immunity to most laws, especially the death penalty, even when the corporations act irresponsibly. Even when such behavior takes human lives, the corporations escape unscathed. When I was an undergraduate, H. L. Hunt, leader of the Hunt clan (and supposed Kennedy assassination conspirator), proposed on his radio show that one dollar – one vote would represent true democracy. The idea seemed ludicrous to me at the time, but Hunt proved prophetic, especially after the Citizens United decision.

Of course, Romney was absolutely correct. Corporations are people. Congress has the duty to (exclusively) represent these artificial people. Now is the time for all of the presidential candidates as well the rest of society to knowledge this fact. Corporations are people, and will continue to be people until the time comes that real people wake up and put an end to this nonsense in which corporate rights take precedence over human rights.

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