[lbo-talk] London Riots anew

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Tue Aug 16 10:37:42 PDT 2011

And when you throw the Met into the mix, trouble is sure to follow.  Never, NEVER, try to get between a Brit and his tandoori.  Tandoori is the mainstay of British cuisine and his been since the Picts threw a big party in Jalandhar one weekend.

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It’s cyclical, mate. Chaos theory and all. You see it’s the plietesials. Once every 12 years the hills of the Nilgiris come alive with the Kurinji flower, attracting the Yammering Lark away from its traditional migratory path. Having had their fill of the rare nectar, the diminutive birds follow their now northwest course to England’s green and pleasant land. Where they are met with the well known and unfortunate preference of British youth for Tandoori Lark. Outcome: rioting for larks. Nothing political to it. The reason’s in the season.


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